Lillian Gish – “O! A Double Majesty; Mine Shall Stand, and Play the Star to Stop Posterity”

AKA Put Your Fist in My Mouth

One of my favourite records James and I released as Lillian Gish – unlike so much else which forever placed us in the status of “studio-as-instrument” producer figures, this was a generative jam session: 20 minutes of me on drums and James on guitar, followed by 20 minutes of me on vocals and James on bass, followed by 20 minutes of me on ocarina, harmonium and electronics. This was released in the Summer of 2014, I believe in the same week as the Herculean-in-process And Sing Do the Ghosts of New Amsterdam, and the Ingénue / Alligator double-A side single.

“O! A Double Majesty” marks the climactic point of my lyrical experimentalism at this time, combining stream-of-consciousness writing on my part, with auto-generation care of, all of which was then cut-up, reorganised, at points reversed, printed on multiple sheets of paper, sung and riffed upon randomly at the time of recording – the tension between “pre-written song” and “free-form jam” I think quite accurately reflects the schizophrenic position of Lillian Gish at the time, having spent so much time working on quite stridently arranged recorded material, whilst performing live shows in increasingly abstract formats, in true Throbbing Gristle fashion, guaranteeing disappointment, either way.