An Urgent Plea to My Readers

Dear readers,

I apologize for a relative reticence in the past while – normal service will be resumed as I complete outstanding work for the end of this semester, as well as some other publications, all of which will make its way to Wyrdsystyr eventually.

However, for the moment, I have a sincere and urgent request for your help.

A couple nights ago, my London home of five years, still home to my partner, Jennie, and our beautiful and beloved cat Rainflower, went up in flames. Thankfully, they both managed to escape with their lives and their health intact, but they are effectively homeless. Jennie’s sister is housing them, a 2 hour-commute away from Jennie’s place of work, with two other cats, when Rainy has spent his life as an only child. Because the flat was privately rented, the building association is denying any obligation to help with their re-homing. Because he considers their contract to be legally “frustrated” by this fire, the landlord has similarly abdicated himself from any such responsibility.

As you know, I am in Ithaca, New York – approximately 3500 miles / 5633 kilometers away from the two lives most precious to me in all the world. The only thing I’ve really been able to do to help is email a local representative, and set up a fundraiser to help with replacing damaged items, compensating for lost work, travel expenses, cat food and assistance with securing a new home for them, if nobody else can be convinced or compelled into accepting the responsibility that is assuredly theirs.
I beg anyone who has ever enjoyed any of my writing, my photography, my DJ sets, my music, to give anything they can to this fundraiser, and share the link on social media, encouraging others to do the same.

I know these are febrile times for us all, and there are many worthy things to which one could donate, but I cannot stress enough how much it means to me.


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